Reverse Your Neuro Musculoskeletal Ailments

Learn to use your body’s natural trigger to retune yourself back to health and a medicine-free life.

Get your Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root-cause determination.

Get your customized practice based on your individual system.

Retune your system to a medicine-free & joyful life.

Feeling Frustrated & Hopeless?

Allopathic medicines causing havoc inside your body leading to more complications?

Piling medical bills giving you sleepless nights & desperation creeping in?

Tried numerous alternative treatments without any permanent solution?

Does it sometimes feel unfair about the situation that you've got into?

Presenting "ASHTAANG CHIKITSA" as a natural & permanent solution.

We can help you come out of your disease by tuning your system back to its natural state. The core of our program is Kumbhak Therapy.

  • We use Prana Shakti Diagnosis to determine the root cause of your disease.
  • We teach customised methods designed help you to come out of your disease. 
  • The best part is that you can learn these in live online classes, thus saving the time of cost and travel to a physical centre.

Swami Rajvibhu is a rare Kumbhak Yogi who has invested his life in reviving this vedic therapy. Based on his keen and incisive observation of human mechanics, he is able to offer customised practices to every individual. 

Swami Rajvibhu-Kumbhak Yogi 

Success Stories

These people decided to take charge of their health & benefitted from Ashtaang Chikitsa.

How It Can Work For You?


Live Webinar

Understand what Ashtaang Chikitsa is and how modern medicine is getting it all wrong.



Get answers to your queries from Swami Rajvibhu ji & other Ashtaang practioners.


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You will be on the path to be medicine-free & lead a life full of joy & happiness.