Kumbhak therapy for Dementia

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Kumbhak For Dementia

Dementia can be described as a syndrome, that affects a person’s cognitive ability. De’ means without and ment means mind. Dementia is not a name for a particular disease, but a result of different ailments that affect the functions of the mind that lead to the loss of memory and cognition. In layman’s language it can also be defined as senility. It can also be said as a progressive disease that causes loss of brain cells, that leads to memory loss and other thinking abilities. In terms of kumbhak memory can be described as pragna.

Dementia happens as a result of the imbalance of the tridosha in the body namely vatha, pitha and kapha. Majorly vatha imbalance plays a very important role in dementia. Our body works on various levels of memory. Memory is arrangement, if you develop the strength of arrangement, you will develop memory. If you lose the stability and integrity of your system, memory loss is the obvious outcome. 

Kumbhak Therapy For Reversal of Dementia

Through kumbhak you can bring back the rhythm of your life Neuroplasticity can be improved through kumbhak. By particular way of breath hold in Kumbhak therapy, we redirect it to brain cell which has degenerated or is not functioning at its optimum level. Thus, memory is revived. The balancing of the tridosha can be easily achieved through kumbhak therapy. The equilibrium in the body is then attained.

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Kumbhak Therapy For Dementia

FAQs || Kumbhak Therapy For Dementia

1. How Kumbhak therapy helps in reversing Dementia?

Medical science sees things only in one perspective, it regards memory as the regeneration of the nervous system.

Memory is arrangement, the strength of arrangement can be increased with kumbhak therapy. We have to stabilize the system by breath holding in a regulated manner. We need to get back the rhythm of the system and neuroplasticity can be enhanced.

2. Can Kumbhak help in the progression of Dementia?

Kumbhak can help in accelerating the regeneration factors through breath hold to balance out the degenerative factors or the vikriti factors that happened due to age.

3. Does kumbhak work on getting back the lost memory?

Yes, kumbhak works on relapsing dementia or to get back the lost memory by rejuvenation of the nervous system and work on the weak forces.