Kumbhak Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy

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Muscular Dystrophy


Muscular Dystrophy is a group of over 30 genetic diseases causing progressive weakness and loss of muscle wastage and mass. 

Types of Muscular Dystrophy

  1. DMD
    This type of muscular dystrophy is caused by dystrophin gene symptoms of this normally start with age 3.

  2. Becker (BMD)
    Dystrophin gene mutation also cause BMD. It is similar to DMD but progresses slowly and appears much later.

  3. Myotonic (MMD)
    This is the most common adult-onset form. and it generally seen to appear between age group 20 – 30. It prevents muscles from relaxing once they contract and often starts with the face and neck muscles.

  4. Congenital (CMD)
    This type of variation of Muscular Dystrophy appears in birth to age two and affects all genders.

  5. Limb Girdle (LGMD)
    Teenagers are mostly affected by this variation of muscular dystrophy. They have trouble raising their front foot.   
  1. Ocupharyngeal (OPMD)
    This type of muscular dystrophy is commonly seen in age group post 40. It affects the facial region like eyelids face, throat first and then moves downwards affecting the shoulder region.


The most commonly occurring symptoms of muscular dystrophy is problem in all muscle related activity like climbing stairs, balance issues, standing and sitting difficulty, walking /gait difficulties speech is impaired slowly walking on toes, also weight is gained gradually.


The cause off muscular dystrophy is genetic, each type is due to a different set of mutations All the types prevent the body from producing dystrophin a protein essential for building and repairing muscles. 

Risk factors

People with a genetic history of muscular dystrophy are at a risk. Males are more at risk than women.


Muscular dystrophy can be prevented by exercising daily and working on your muscles. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Keep yourself hydrated and a good amount of water will help transport nutrition to your muscles. Maintain a healthy weight.


There is currently no cure for muscular dystrophy. Except that by certain drugs we can manage and slow progression.
Muscular dystrophy can also be naturally treated with kumbhak therapy.

Kumbhak in treating Muscular Dystrophy

FAQs || Kumbhak Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy

Can muscular dystrophy be reversed through kumbhak therapy?

In muscular dystrophy there is a relation with the nerves as well. So in muscular dystrophy one loses ones voluntary control over the muscles. By kumbhak therapy one can bring back the voluntary control over the muscles. Through breath hold only one can build up the neuro muscular strength.

Can the inability to walk in muscular dystrophy be revived through kumbhak therapy ?

Once the voluntary control is built up through kumbhak therapy and through certain muscle movements the ability to walk will be revived.

Can the learning disabilities that a child with muscular dystrophy faces be brought back to normal through kumbhak therapy?

Learning disabilities in muscular dystrophy in a child can be revived through kumbhak therapy which helps in neuro regeneration and making the weak forces strong.