Kumbhak therapy for osteoarthritis

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Kumbhak For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder commonly associated with wear and tear of the cartilages that results in inflammation and pain.
Inflammation which can be external or internal that happens due to injury, accumulation of toxins or some underlying infection. The inflammation can be redirected to the malfunction of one or many organs like liver, pancreas, spleen etc.

Pain happens due to deficiency of oxygen and accumulation of toxins. If there is too much or heaviness in the body then it will pain the lower part of the body. If your body is light, then your mind will pain. Joint can be stiff or loose due to which pain happens. The subtle way of defining pain is the sudden stoppage of flow. Flow is vayu, so if vayu does not flow it will reverse and cause tumor.

In Kumbhak, Osteoarthritis is a condition which happens due to the imbalance in the prakriti (regenerative) and vikriti (degenerative) factors. It can be simply said that the body’s degenerative factor is faster than the regenerative factors, so the imbalance.  

Kumbhak Therapy For Reversal Of Osteoarthritis

Reduce toxicity in the body. Toxicity increases in the body by intake of chemical medicines, vaccination etc. So, keep the body hydrated, improve the strength of the liver by kumbhak therapy, also increase the intake of natural food. 

By breath hold or kumbhak therapy the oxygen concentration in the blood increases. The parts which are deprived of oxygen, receives the requisite amount and thereby resultant pain relief. If we come out of the quantitative aspect of life, and move towards the qualitative aspect of life pain will disappear. Pain due to osteoarthritis can be reversed by stabilizing the breath. We can reverse pain by balancing the heat or coolness of the body.

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Kumbhak Therapy For Osteoarthritis

FAQs || Kumbhak Therapy For Osteoarthritis

1. How kumbhak therapy helps in treating Osteoarthiritis?

Inflammation in Osteoarthiritis happens for two reasons either there is injury or there is accumulation of toxins. The most toxic agent that creates toxicity in the body is chemicals. Chemicals are taken by way of medicines. Inflammation increases by anything externally put in the body. Medicine and operation are not the solution for this. To reduce the inflammation, we have to improve the liver strength, the detoxification factors and hydrate the body. Pain will reduce and the regenerative factors will increase in the body.

This can be attained only through the body’s own breath holding mechanism kumbhak.

2. Can pain due to Osteoarthritis be reduced?

Yes, kumbhak increases the oxygen flow in the painful parts which are deprived of the requisite amount of oxygen, thereby reducing pain. It has an extremely therapeutic effect on chronic pain, majorly working as a pill for muscle relaxation which tense up or tighten due to pain and further increase the pain.

3. Can inflammation due to Osteoarthritis be reduced?

Yes, external or internal inflammation can be reduced by improving the strength of the internal organs like liver etc by redirecting your breath to the weak organs through kumbhak. We cannot say that the inflammation that we see in the local area is restricted to that area only. It can typically be correlated to weak forces within the human system, which is strengthened through internal/epigenetic triggers by kumbhak or breath hold which moves in specific direction. 

4. Can there be an improvement in quality of life?

Yes, a definite change will be seen in your quality of life, by way of increased energy, reduced fatigue/ lethargy that one feels due to inflammation and pain. After practising kumbhak, eventually one would also see change in gait/ movements and ultimately in day-to-day activities a definite positive improvement. 

5. Can we see some positive changes in the morning stiffness in joints?

Yes, kumbhak helps in making your joints supple thereby reducing stiffness. There is also better absorption of nutrients and calcium which helps in the joint movement.