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Kumbhak For Parkinson's

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder, resulting in gradual degeneration of nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls body movement. There is a gradual loss of muscle control. Parkinson is the loss of neuro elasticity. Hold on the action, on the lymph has become weak. Lymph function can become strong through kumbhak. 

In terms of kumbhak it can be defined as the nervous system degeneration at a faster pace. The root of parkinson is in the gut. It starts from the stomach. There is an unfolded protein in the brain. The unfolded protein reduces the dopamine efficiency.

In Ayurveda, the udavat factor or when the flow does not happen in one direction, but in the opposite direction then it reaches your brain through the vagus nerve and that causes parkinson.

Kumbhak Therapy For Reversal Of Parkinson's Disease

Protein is manufactured in the stomach. When the body is not able to manufacture the right kind of protein, because the metabolic factor is weak, metabolism happens in the body at 6 different levels and through these 6 kinds of metabolic factors various kinds of tissues gets made in the body. If one improves one’s metabolism and the detox factor of the body, the impact of parkinson comes down.

The most commonly occurring problem in Parkinsons is the loss of balance. So, when there is an imbalance means the regeneration of the nervous system is at a lesser rate than the degeneration. This can be reversed through kumbhak, and therefore the loss of balance in Parkinsons can be corrected.

We create balance through holding our breath in a particular ratio. The nervous degeneration will gradually subside. The misalignments in the body creates tremors or weakness in one part of the body in Parkinsons. The left and right side of the body needs to be aligned, secondly your digestive aspects or naval needs to be aligned, thirdly lung and heart together called pulmonary system should be aligned.

All these three things can be aligned through kumbhak. We can also achieve it through breath hold by improving our dakshina agni factor in the body . Regeneration of your nervous system is dependent on your digestive factors primarily. If your body does not get proper nutrition, regeneration will not happen . It is not just one thing, it means many factors if they come together in an integral manner, regeneration will invariably happen and one can come out of parkinson.

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Kumbhak Therapy For Parkinson

FAQs || Kumbhak Therapy For Parkinson's

1. Can kumbhak relieve pain caused due to parkinsons?

Yes, kumbhak increases the oxygen flow in the painful parts which are deprived of the requisite amount of oxygen, thereby reducing pain.

2. Can kumbhak help in speech impairment caused due to parkinsons?

Yes, Kumbhak helps in speech impairment as this happens due to muscle stiffness, which is resolved by breath hold.

3. Can tremors caused due to parkinsons be stopped through Kumbhak?

Tremors can easily be resolved though kumbhak as this happens due to misalignment. By holding your breath in a particular manner in a particular movement you correct the misalignment and slowly the patient finds relieve in his/her tremors.