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Kumbhak For Varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged bluish twisted, and turned swollen blood vessels which is clearly visible through the skin. Typically, varicose veins, give rise to the blemished valves in the veins which intercept the blood out of the general circulation.

In kumbhak therapy we can correlate it to the malfunction of the heart which pumps blood throughout the body. The constrictions are created due to the weakening of the blood valves, which stops the blood flow in the opposite direction towards the heart resulting in accumulations of blood clots thereby causing pain, due to stoppage of flow or vayu.

The function of the heart is to pump vital fluid is blood top up in the company of oxygen as well as the essential nourishments from one end to end of your arteries towards the entire body. There after veins fetch the blood arising out of distinct segments of the body back to the heart.

It is commonly seen in the leg and pelvic region mostly and sometimes in the hands as well. Since the blood flow is obstructed, inflammation and increase in the toxins in the blood happens. Pain also happens due to heaviness in the body, and blood pool in the legs, causing excessive pressure in the veins due to prolonged period of either sitting or standing.

Kumbhak Therapy For Reversal of Varicose veins

The only potent way to reverse varicose veins very easily is through Kumbhak Therapy. Create an internal trigger to strengthen the heart, by a specific breath ratio. Once the root cause of varicose veins, the weak heart is addressed, the obstruction of the flow of blood towards the heart will be corrected.

Varicose veins are localised to a very specific part of your body, where valves are not optimally functioning, the reverse pressure is not created properly. Basically, a discrepancy of valves in the veins one direction. Flow only happens in one direction.

If the pressure of the tissue of the vein and the valve is not proper, the structure will not remain intact, the vein swells up, the closure of valve will not happen. The structure maintaining force has become weak at that region.  This is called vyana vayu which has become weak.

Vyana creates osomotic pressure within a cell, and thereby maintains the structure. Therefore, if you correct the vyana in that region, you can easily come out of varicose veins.

Kumbhak therapy is something which is fundamental to correcting the pressure and restarting the flow of blood. If there is a blockage in your body and you apply a gentle force or pressure, the blockages will open up over a span of time. Kumbhak also helps in increasing the flow of fluid and lymph in the body including blood. Through kumbhak you can ensure that there are no blockages, the flow of blood happens in a proper manner and structure is maintained, and if the structure has got disturbed, you can regain the structure by increasing the vyana factor. 

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Kumbhak Therapy For Varicose Veins

FAQs || Kumbhak Therapy For Varicose Veins

1. Can kumbhak help relieve pain?

Yes, kumbhak increases the oxygen flow in the painful parts which are deprived of the requisite amount of oxygen, thereby reducing pain. 

2. Can surgery permanently cure varicose veins?

Surgery cannot permanently cure varicose veins. It might relapse after a few years. The only permanent solution for varicose veins is working on the weak factors within your body, thus opening up the blocked swollen veins through kumbhak. 

3. Is there any way to prevent varicose veins?

The only way to prevention of varicose veins is by building your body’s own effort making mechanism by breath holding or retention or kumbhak.